What do you do when the start of your video doesn’t show?

Well, when life gives you lemons, you make a viral video. At least that is what Ryan Staake did when he co-directed Young Thug’s “Wyclef Jean” music video that Young Thug himself never quite showed up for. The video is narrated with text throughout by Staake where he clearly states, he never even got a chance to speak to the artist. Instead, Staake proceeded to film the video based on the concept direction he got from a recording by Young Thug’s team.

Shot after shot, the film team would get informed that Young Thug was either not going to make it, or was “minutes away” but would never show.  There was some footage that was sent to the director for the music video that Young Thug filmed himself. That footage featured him at an airport with a private jet, eating Cheetos. Seriously. Other than than, the team continued to film and was forced to improvise leading to a comedy of errors that somehow came together in a beautiful disaster.

The video was released on January 16 and virtually overnight the video has risen to nearly 3 million views. According to a Rolling Stones interview with Staake, he had no idea it was even coming out. He said that he “was trying to deliver to make an interesting statement, but also fulfill a contractual obligation.” He eventually got approval from the producing company and voila, an internet sensation.