In a world surrounded by text, the Futura typeface in particular has stood out. This font was created 90 years ago and has somehow remained an unwavering favorite the entire time. Appearing in numerous brand logos, books, and neon lights, this font can be found pretty much anywhere you look.

At least that’s what a couple German graphic designers believe. Christian Weber and Sarah Schmitt have created a website called the “Futura type trap.” An interactive project challenging people to find the Futura font out in the wild. They have created a crowdsourced website where people can upload a picture and location of the font they found anywhere in the world. It started in 2014 as part of an exhibition on the typeface at Gutenberg Museum in Mainz, Germany and has since taken off with people around the world taking part in finding the font in their everyday lives.

Typeface style scavenger hunt

This is the largest search for the Futura typeface and anyone can take part. You just need to take a picture of the lettering, upload it to the Futura Type Trap website  and let the website read the geographic coordinates on the picture. The picture will then be approved or denied by the website administrators and boom, your find is immortalized on the inter-webs.

The Futura typeface takes on a sort of nostalgic feeling but at the same time holds a perception of modernity. The exhibition for the typeface is going to be looking at the history of the font as a whole. It was the first font to be produced in all weights, grads, and fonts, and was even used for the Apollo 11 mission.

Check out the Futura type trap website here and join the search today.