Jeremy Scott is the man behind the brand Moschino and his story is now on Netflix.


I watched this yesterday and while I can’t really relate to high fashion and the seemingly snobbish people behind it, I found this documentary inspiring. It follows the journey of fashion designer Jeremy Scott from his humble roots on a Missouri farm to creative director of Moschino.

If you don’t know Moschino or Jeremy, you have likely seen his products on celebrities like Katy Perry, A$AP ROCKY, Kanye, Rita Ora, etc. Because of his work, personality and celebrity friends, Jeremy has become a very polarizing figure in the contemporary fashion scene. Winged Adidas ring any bells? That is Jeremy’s work.


I enjoyed the documentary as it went beyond the usual behind-the-scenes of fashion, etc. It gave us a glimpse into the emotions and mindset of a man who has incredible influence over today’s pop culture – his inspirations, fears and opinions on contemporary pop-culture.

You can find this on Netflix.