Usually when you like a song, you just listen to it because you simply like it. Maybe it makes you feel a certain way or remember a certain time, but thats about it. Sure, we’ve all had those times when you hear a song for the 500th or so time and the meaning of the lyrics finally click, but you don’t typically break it down and analyze its structure and philosophical meaning behind it.

Luckily for us, Evan Puschak AKA, The Nerdwriter, has a YouTube channel where he does exactly that. He breaks down and analyzes everything from politician’s responses to hollywood movies, to songs.

In one video, Nerdwriter breaks down Bon Iver’s Holocene. The video looks at the song’s structure, the instruments used, and even the philosophical meaning behind the lyrics creating a deeper understanding of the song as a whole. It sheds light on the attention to deal that Justin Vernon puts into making his songs and gives you insight into the selection of the instruments used and even the way they are used in the song to create a specific mood.

By taking a closer look you can really gather a much deeper appreciation of the entire song and all the subtleties that take it from good to great. Bon Iver is one the best at creating a mood that the listener can feel and the Nerd Writer’s analysis really helps to illuminate the conceptual meaning of the song’s intention on a deeper level. Check out the video below for the full video and analysis.