Travis Scott has been extremely active lately on stage and off. The young rapper got together with Numero Magazine for an interview where he revealed that he has started his own label called Cactus Jack Records. He also discussed his work with Kanye West, fashion, the title of bring a rapper, and more.

When asked about his label, Scott said “I want first and foremost to help other artists, launch new names, to provide opportunities. I want to do for them what happened to me, but better. By better I mean no bullshit. No lying to the artists about album release dates or the budgets of videos and albums.” He said that he was not doing it for financial control over his music.

It seems another reason that Scott wanted more control as a record label was because he doesn’t like to be pigeonholed as one singular thing. “What the fuck is a rapper? I dunno. A country singer, it doesn’t mean anything anymore. No one is a country singer unless he wants to get stuck in one single genre. Me, I sing, I rap, I do beats, I sometimes make videos. Labels piss me off” says Scott. He even quoted some of his influences outside of the rap world including Black Sabbath, Calvin Harris, and said he always wanted to do ambient tracks like Tame Impala.

The 24 year old rapper officially released the “phase 1” dates for his new tour Monday that is being call Birds Eye View. His announcement came after a series of tweets over the weekend showing the event poster and had the phrase “fear the flock” on it eluding to some high level acts to be touring with him as well. You can get ticket information from his website.