Sofar Sounds: The Most Intimate Live Music Can Get

We’ve all been there. When you go to a concert ready to have a good time and feel the music but instead it’s overcrowded, people are shoving, you get stuck in the back where that tall guy blocking your view is drunkenly shouting the wrong lyrics to every song leaving you, let’s say, pretty annoyed.

Well lucky for you Sofar Sounds, has been busy re-engineering live concerts to be a unique, intimate experience since 2009. Starting in London, Sofar Sounds (Sounds From A Room) has created a network of artists, hosts, and guests that put on events from the best new upcoming artists in unique spaces. Think “The Tiny Desk Series” but but much more mysterious and hosted at any location hosts are willing to offer.

The idea is to “bring the magic back to live music” by putting the music first with audience who are expected to sit, listen, and never talk during a set. Sofar has been gaining momentum and has already had shows in 285 cities to date.

So how does a Sofar show work?

First off, the lineup and location are not known up front. Depending on what location you are in, you can either reserve a set right away, or apply for a ticket where you have to get invited to attend the show. because the locations are generally smaller living spaces hosts offer such as living rooms, spaces is pretty limited.

Once you’ve reserved your spot or been invited to attend a show, you will get notified of the location only one day in advance and the lineup will only be known once you arrive at the venue. There are usually three acts and nobody is considered an “opener” or “headliner.” Sofar chooses artists that are up and comers in the industry as well as a few token high profile artists. Among some of the larger names are Bastille, Leon Bridges, and Karen O.

Generally speaking, these shows are all about the music

The idea is to gather an audience of music lovers, rather than just concert goers. People are expected to show up on time and stay through the whole performance. Sofar upholds a high level of respect for all their artists whether they are well known or not hence the secrecy. 

Anyone can apply to preform at Sofar shows likewise, anyone can apply to host a show. They have been growing rapidly playing shows in many living rooms across the world since their start in London years ago. Looking forward, the intimate nature of the shows has been very successful and Sofar plans to continue to grow to even more cities across the globe.

Check to see if Sofar is hosting events in a city near you so you can go join the experience and the mystery. And even if there aren’t events happening yet, the Sofar team is open to starting new teams in new cities all over. 

Check out the video below for more information.