If you’ve been looking for a good way to start your art collection, here’s one for you. Jaden Smith has been dropping some of his art pieces around the streets of LA and posting them on Twitter for brave fans, or random street dwellers, to go find them.

The first to hit the streets was a large rectangular black and white piece that had “will you die with me” written on it. It was left outside a fine art gallery in hopes to find its happy new home.

One lucky fan by the name of Kevin Doan was quickest on the draw and snagged it from out front of the studio the same day.

There is one other art piece that was left by Jaden outside a gallery in the San Fernando Valley that has yet to be claimed on social media. It was last seen on Jaden’s tweet patiently waiting for its new home. It is unclear whether this piece has been picked up yet but we’re going by the rule “pics or it didn’t happen” here.

Jaden has been busy in and vocal about art lately as you can see in a series of tweets.  This newest move definitely shows some of his creative stripes. Make sure and follow his timeline  and be ready in case any more pieces hit the street.

Cheers for keeping us on our toes.