GREATS dropping the new Wooster x Lardini

If you haven’t heard of the sneaker brand GREATS yet, you will be soon. They have been busy at work earning the respect of sneakerheads worldwide with their classic yet innovative designs. They’ve got that cool classic high top and chukka style but maintain a modern twist. 

The Brand

Launching in 2013, GREATS started making waves in the footwear business by selling direct to the consumer instead of the old reseller model allowing them to sell quality sneakers at a lower price. This ambitious model has gained recognition from both the business and design worlds and has gotten featured in Entrepreneur and Vogue.

Since they don’t sell through reseller shops, they’ve had to build a strong social media game. Luckily their old-school sensibility and contemporary designs and color schemes speaks to both older and younger generations alike.

The Drop

Their newest design fall/winter ‘16 Wooster x Lardinis, made in collaboration with men’s fashion icon Nick Wooster, will be released tomorrow, November 11th at 12:00pm Eastern time.

These kicks are made with Linton Tweeds and offer two mismatched tonal feels that offer mad style that you can rock like a star. Scoop them up tomorrow. 

Wooster Sneakers