We all know the classics. We’ve seen them in museums, movies, books, pictures and more. I’m talking of course about the iconic classical art pieces from all around the world that have significance in their own artistic right. But one trend that has become very popular over the last few years, and seems to be growing, is taking those old classics and giving them a modern makeover.

Whether its clothes, tattoos, location, or style, there are many artists that have taken their own approach to adding a bit of modern culture to the classics. This trend is the newest in the long delineation of satire art that goes back to ancient times with pieces like Leonardo’s drawings of grotesque heads that exaggerated features to study extremes in nature.

This new satirical art, however, is more about inserting a touch of modernity that ends up allowing us to better relate to these modern pieces that was not immediately possible before. It gives us a familiarity that we can relate to from our current cultural standpoint while remembering and still appreciating the classics.

There are also a lot of modern artist that use the classics to mock or create parody of modern events. For example, Banksy’s pieces are known to include classical illustrations to convey a very charged parody and mocking of current times.

We’ve compiled a list of some of the coolest work around that follows this modern and classic mash-up. Check the art and artists below to see what you think.

A touch of modernity

French artist Blase, aka Blasepheme has become well known for his renditions of old paintings with items from the present. He is able to breathe new life into these drawings in a satirical way.

Ye olde classic with tattoos

Paris based artist Nicolas Amiard took these old paintings to the tattoo parlor and had some touch up done. These digitally imposed tattoos create a whole new feel for these old classics. Check out Nicolas’ website for more interesting designs.

Art history in contemporary life

Ukrainian artist Alexey Kondakov has taken the classics on a journey through time to the present. Alexey has inserting subjects from classic pieces into modern settings and it is awesome.

 Album covers combined with classics

The artist Eisen Bernard Bernardoa has been busy at work giving many classic paintings an update with popular album covers. Check out some favorites below and head to Eisen’s Instagram page for more.