BLOCKS: Building Your Own Smartwatch

You got technology, functionality, and style all delivered in one of the coolest smartwatches we’ve seen yet. The BLOCKS watch has a multifunctional yet sleek design that offers detachable modules that can be mixed and matched for different purposes. You start with the core that contains the faceplate and connect individual modules out from there.


With the initial launch there will be six modules to choose from including a GPS unit, a pulse sensor, an extra battery, a humidity/temperature/altitude sensor, a programmable button, and a flashlight. The company plans to continue to release more modules for purchase in the future.

The company is up to nearly 6,000 preorders from its Kickstarter campaign and are said to ready ship soon. You can still preorder one from their site if you’re interested. Check out the video below featuring the watch and some of it’s different features.