Banksy a street art legend

If you don’t know the name, you will almost certainly recognize some of his pieces. Banksy is the most notable street artist known for consistently creating clever and politically themed art around the world. He has done many pieces in the streets of London, New York, and even done a few in much less likely places such as Gaza.

Because location is often so important to the overall message of his pieces, Banksy is largely know for his street art using stencil and graffiti. The piece he did in Gaza for example was on the wall dividing Israel and Palestine and featured two kids playing with a crack in the wall showing a beach paradise. However, his satirical critiques and politically charged creations extend beyond the streets and onto more traditional mediums like canvas, wood, paper, and sculptures.

The museum

I was lucky enough to get a taste of both while traveling in Amsterdam recently at the Moco Museum which held the first ever Banksy exhibition in a museum setting called “Laugh Now”. The Museum curated around 50 pieces that were either owned by collectors who bought them from past art exhibitions or were rescued from the rubble of buildings that were torn down.

To see his works up close in all these different mediums really gives you a perspective of appreciation to gauge his creative genius. Some of his most famous pieces were there including Laugh Now, Barcode, Girl with Balloon, Kids on Guns, and many more.


This picture shows an actual stencil that Banksy uses. This particular one was intended to be put on a building, however, the police spotted him before it could be completed and this stencil remained unused.

Banksy has also made many pieces that I am particularly fond of that cleverly use contemporary themes atop of classic pieces. Check out the rest of the pictures below to see some of what the Moco Museum had to offer.




Banksy Moco Museum


dsc_0897 Banksy Art at Museum

It was a stroke of luck that I was able to see this exhibition while in Amsterdam. The exhibition is only at the museum for a few months before it is rotated out. If you happen to find yourself in Amsterdam anytime before the end of March 2017, this exhibition should go to the top of your list. Seeing the work of this iconic artist up close is definitely something any art lover must experience.