The Simple Cool curates and examines things that are cool. Simple.

OK, well what exactly is cool?

To us, cool is something unconventional in a way that inspires a different way of thinking. Something that catches your eye on the street and makes you think, what a cool idea.  It can be an action, a thing, a style, a purpose or anything that inspires authenticity and uniqueness.

That’s what we want to embody with The Simple Cool. We are on a mission to inspire our readers to embrace their uniqueness. Whether it’s through personal style or a lifestyle, we celebrate being different and being progressive. We look at specific items, different kinds of art, new innovative ideas, creative pursuits of all sorts, and anything that challenges the norm and inspires you to be more of yourself.

aboutcollage2We live in a world overflowing with information and opinions shaping our ideas and expectations about the status quo. We want to break through that and offer a fresh look at what is happening on the ground floor of this new generation of creators. The pulse driving the culture. And just as you are on a journey in your life to grow, achieve and experience as much as you can, your style, the things you own, and the things you do reflect a similar journey. A journey to be better and embrace what drives you – inside and out.

aboutcollagaeYou are driven, adventurous and demand the best from yourself. You dream big and execute even bigger. Your goals are BOLD. We created The Simple Cool to inspire you to be BOLDER and express yourself to the fullest.

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The Simple Cool.

casekennysignature2|  Editor-in-Chief